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Gaia Username: Skwinky
LJ Username: xOnceMorex
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Character Name: Roxas
Gender: Male
Age: Barely over a year, but appears and acts as if he were 15 years old
Appearance: Roxas is a relatively thin boy who stands at an average height. He has blond hair that consists of bangs that fall about his face and almost “curly spikes” that curve upwards one the left side of his head. He has round blue eyes, a small nose, and thin lips.
The boy’s clothing consists mostly of the colors white and black. He wears a black, zipped up shirt with an intricate cross as the zipper. Over that he wears a white short-sleeved collared jacket with to checkered lines around the shoulders and upper torso and is lined with a red fabric on the inside. He wears loose-fitting pants that are black and has white extensions of his pants that are buttoned near the thighs. Below the pants are two black, rectangular shoes.
Personality: Roxas is a boy of very varied moods. He has a very light-hearted personality and to simply enjoy life. That is when he can.
It seems to be a chronic problem of his to get caught up in bigger things that never end for the better. He then can take a very serious disposition without thinking twice. When he makes a decision, it is solid and he’ll follow it through and through despite what others may say or suggest. He has been known to get angry but is rarely pushed to the point of kicking and screaming.
To put it simply, he is a very unwavering boy who is determined. He likes to know what is going on around him and will step up to any job if he truly needs to
Abilities/Weapons: When Roxas split up with Sora, he wasn’t left empty handed. In fact, he was given an extremely powerful parting gift: the keyblade. The boy in fact is very well known for wielding two keyblades at one time. He also has the ability of light.
When he was in the Organization XIII, he had the ability to control the samurai nobodies. Since Roxas is no longer a nobody and there is no Organization, this power has been lost.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Roxas is a very strong hearted boy that is never known for giving up. He always is always determined to do things right and follows where his heart leads. But he is nowhere near perfect. His need to do things has he deems fit may land him in some serious trouble. Also, his moods deeply affect his actions and at times can sway his decisions (though he always ends up in the same place).
History: Roxas was “born” as a Nobody just a little over a year ago when Sora became a Heartless for a brief amount of time. He had no memories of Sora but still wielded Oathkeeper and Oblivion.
Soon after being born, he joined the Organization XIII where he became very good friends with another Nobody named Axel. But once the truth about himself and Sora was revealed by Xemnas, Roxas left the Organization despite Axel’s pleas.
Twice then Roxas fought Riku. The first time he left victorious… but he could not say that again. Riku defeated him using the power of darkness and he and DiZ put him into a virtual Twilight Town where he lived an everyday life and forgot everything about being a Nobody, the Organization, and Sora. And then Axel appeared. The Organization member soon revealed the true past of Roxas, but despite his attempts to stop him, he merged with Sora in order to get the Keyblade Hero’s memories back faster.
Later, Sora confronts Roxas twice despite his merging with him. The first time he battled with him almost as if to evaluate Sora. The second time he speaks with Naminé and once again merges with Sora saying they will not fade but rather live within Sora and Kairi and always be together when Sora and Kairi are together.
But now Maleficent has tampered with Kingdom Hearts, creating a being with a body, soul, and heart known as Roxas.